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Gallery: Color and Form Relationships

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charles H carver

Color, Form & Meaning

2/2021 Charles Carver

The galleries below explore color and form relationships as they rapidly coalesce with a short period of latency into a stable image. In the Pop Goes The Culture subset the 'meaning' that each composition possesses for naive sense perception is vacuous and even cheerful by virtue of these relations, regardless of any ambiguity that is introduced by the participation of object forms and emergent figures into a seeming narrative. Scroll down to get started. If you're using your smartphone to survey the site quickly, please remember that the work is designed for high quality printmaking and large format viewing. Check it out on a larger monitor when you can.

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charles H Carver

Digital Fine Art Color Galleries

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Pop Goes The Culture

Animations of digital paintings by charles carver
additional compositions

Composite Paintings

Composite painting by charles carver
additional compositions

Digital Paintings

Charles continues to refine his techniques via two basic thrusts: (1) investigation of the dynamic relationships that unfold in object-rich environments, including the immediate selection of form and meaning early in the perceptual process (see gallery above), and (2) develop digital painting and illustration techniques that retain the physicality of hand-crafted sketches and paintings by inviting additional work following professional printmaking.

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The Vessel

Animations of digital Art series  
Some art & animations formatted for vertical mobile viewing on instagram

Charles H Carver

Philosopher's Stone

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