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Charles H Carver

Charles is an established, award-winning digital artist whose illustrations, photography and fine-art compositions have been exhibited in numerous publications, platforms, and venues for more than two decades. You may learn more about Charles' background in his bio link. Charles' primary style includes photo composite arrangements that are painted and/or sketched digitally, and then further refined with traditional embellishments (pencil, pastel, paint, glaze, or collage) after archival printmaking at a boutique print shop. In addition, he is a Getty Images Photo Contributor, contributing landscape photography. Charles developed his toolkit early on by providing scientific graphics as a research participant in a molecular neurobiology laboratory. Based on his education and participation in basic "bench" research along with subsequent credentials in sleep diagnostics (RPSGT), Charles is often commissioned to assist with identity development and content contribution for businesses and institutions engaged in technical or scientific pursuits. His personal content  draws on explorations into the fertile potential of emerging sense perceptions, specifically, the "lived" pre-articulate momentum that the French phenomenologist Maurice Merleau-Ponty described so richly.

Commercial Art & Design

Commercial design includes Identity development (logo, website, marketing materials) and vector-based graphics. See commission link for commercial art client samples and commercial request form. Scroll down for fine art, illustration & photography introductions.

The Eldritch Press illustration and Art Direction

The Eldritch Press

Charles provides illustrations and design direction for a unique new Publisher of D&D role-playing productions: The Eldritch Press. In addition to his role at Eldritch, Charles is available for custom photo-composite illustrations and portraits. Check out his illustration page.

pop goes the culture


This image and others in the "Pop Goes The Culture" series showcase the unique style that Charles has developed for his fine-art color prints (with accompanying animations). The content appears whimsically figurative or seemingly random but the unfolding of personal perceptual space lies at the heart of the seriousness with which these complex compositions have been engendered. They simply require your perceptual apparatus to unfold their secrets.

NOTE: Charles' work has been crafted for high-quality printmaking and large-scale viewing.



charles utilizes professional printmaking by
the highland studio
charles offers hand-embellished archival prints of his work
accented with pastel, pencil and glaze coatings
Diverse & creative

Forms of Art

Charles H Carver

Animations & Art Prints

One of the early pioneers of digital art, Charles continues to refine his techniques via two basic thrusts: (1) investigation of the dynamic relationships that unfold in object-rich environments, including the immediate selection of form and meaning early in the perceptual process, and (2) the development of illustration and painterly techniques that retain the quality of hand-crafted sketches or paintings.

Fantasy & Gaming Art

Charles is the Art Director and principle illustrator for The Eldritch Press, a micro-publisher focused on creating D&D Fifth Edition content. His style is unique to the fantasy landscape.

Landscape Photography

Part of Charles' photography portfolio may be viewed on Getty Images, (istockphoto) although more recent work and custom portraits are not exhibited. Please select the Photography link to learn more about Charles' custom photography initiatives, including the utilization of his digital art and illustration techniques to augment portraits and landscapes. Despite his digital skills, Charles' photography remains traditionally centered.

Shawangunk Art Productions

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Philosopher's Stone

Charles' essay series comprises a collection of journeys into the heart of experience— a reference to the mute sentience embodied in our naive perceptions, thoughts, and feelings as we range through an aesthetic environment, in this case, the northern Shawangunk Ridge system— affectionately known as The Gunks. The essays in this collection do not so much describe the landscape as they describe aesthetic experiences unfurled by a fertile exchange with the environment, and provide a glimpse of the phenomenology of perception itself. This photo-rich series also contains essays such as 'Reflex Cycle', that consider the fundamentally "malnourished" framework of contemporary interpretations of consciousness, perception, and the interpretive basis of machine learning, based on Charles' scientific background.


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See anything that speaks to you or sparks your own creativity? If not, look around a bit more. When you do, consider a deeper dive into the potential of your own image optimization skills with personalized learning sessions with Charles. This is not a Photoshop 'tips' session or basic landscape photography course; it is a concise exploration to determine potential paths to investigate and techniques to experiment with as you increase your own awareness of readily available image optimization and image alteration techniques that may apply to your images.

Learning sessions may be done remotely or in-person. The initial consult goal (and pre-consult assignment) is to simply explore a range of applied styles and techniques, starting with specific examples of digital art, painting, photography and illustrations that are presented on this site. Next, we will look carefully at samples of your own work, not to so much to apply a formal critique, but to develop a receptivity toward discovering what you would really like to convey through your work as you investigate the digital environment as a tool. Select the button below to learn more.


The Philosopher's Stone

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