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Primarily recognized and commissioned for his robust photo-based compositions and painterly techniques of post production, Charles has, nonetheless, generated a strong and growing body of photographic work, including landscape photography and seascapes based on his travels. This section highlights some of his work in the context of landscape photography.

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charles h carver

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Charles' (B&W) photography has been included in Black & White magazine. He is a Getty Images Photo Contributor, displaying many of his color landscapes online.

Deploying a traditionalist's eye (and taste), Charles retains a growing portfolio of landscapes and seascapes. He photographed a series in The Gunks (Shawangunk Mountains, in New York's Mid-Hudson Valley) by dusting off an old medium-format film camera and shooting transparencies (Fuji Velvia) of much of the region before switching to a modern medium-format digital camera for his current updates to the series. Some of that series may be reviewed from the online (Getty's iStockphoto) collection. Additional Gunks images accompany the Philosopher's Stone essay series from the book.

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Charles H Carver

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Philosopher's Stone

Charles' essay series comprises a collection of journeys into the heart of experience— a reference to the mute sentience embodied in our naive perceptions, thoughts, and feelings as we range through an aesthetic environment, in this case, the northern Shawangunk Ridge system— affectionately known as The Gunks. This photo-rich series also contains essays such as 'Reflex Cycle', that consider the fundamentally "malnourished" framework of contemporary interpretations of perception, consciousness and the interpretive basis of machine learning.

The Philosopher's Stone

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