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In addition to logo and graphic development of marketing materials, the conceptscarver team managed by Charles Carver offers a cost-effective 'tune up' of your digital presence by systematically analyzing your digital presence and SEO integrations with high resolution proprietary analysis tools. Utilizing an evidence-based approach, the team is then able to tune up your digital presence and either manage its growth or hand over a protocol for you to follow "in house".

Logo & Vector Graphic Samples

Quick challenge: do you see the eagle & lioness sharing the same eye in the graphic above?
(hint: only half of the lion's face is present, the other half is to the left side).

A variant of this "GRYPHON" graphic was used as Sarah-Lawrence College's first co-ed mascot and appeared on their gym floor. Charles was commissioned to design a unique mascot for SLC's introction to co-ed sports. After serving its introductory purpose, SLC has since updated the mascot to a traditional form (as planned).

WEBSITE SAMPLES BELOW: NOTE! Our website development now includes ongoing evolutionary transformations over time. More importantly, although the aesthetic is an important tool for identity development and marketing, the functionality of the websites we build are now fundamentally integrated with an overall digital marketing initiative from the outset. Functionality and marketing should not be an afterthought and should be based on an analytic, market research approach!

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