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Quick challenge: do you see the eagle & lioness sharing the same eye in the graphic above?
(hint: only half of the lion's face is present, the other half is to the left side).

A variant of this "GRYPHON" graphic was used as Sarah-Lawrence College's first co-ed mascot and appeared on their gym floor. Charles was commissioned at the time to design a unique mascot. After serving its introductory purpose, SLC has since updated the mascot to a more traditional form (similar to Charles' first draft that was rejected for a more unique introductory mascot). The current SLC design was not designed by Charles.

scroll down to see other examples of Charles' vector graphics that are employed for business identity development or communications. Below that samples of website screens are presented, followed by examples of detailed scientific illustrations used for education purposes.

Vector Graphic & Logo Samples

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Scientific Illustration Graphics

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