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About Charles H. Carver

Art, Science, Philosophy & Sleep

The natural world lives through us and we according to its formative hand. Here, beneath interpretation and judgement; beneath true or false: a world coalesces in the living senses from a horizon we can only belatedly ill-conceive.   (C.H.Carver)

Eye and Mind Studio

Anxious-Buddha is a production of Eye-and-Mind Studio


Charles Carver started his career straddling the worlds of art and science. In his role as research assistant for a Weill Medical College of Cornell University molecular neurobiology research team, he participated in both laboratory benchwork and scientific illustration for the purpose of communicating the research efforts. Eventually, he was responsible for the implementation of a new computer graphics department, which led ultimately to a freelance career and further experimentation with the digital environment as a set of tools for the creative dialogue between an artist and their developing work. After receiving awards for digital art and gaining exposure in a number of fine-art publications, as well as the book "Secrets of Award-Winning Digital Artists" , Charles opened Eye and Mind Studio in New Paltz, New York. Eye and Mind Studio brought together his primary interests of artistic creation and philosophy of mind— not from the academic stance that often seeks to emulate the  objective perspective of the scientific method (as if outside the system), but in the phenomenologically rich descriptive sense of direct experience— as is the purview of the artist, musician, or mindfulness practitioner. In time, Eye and Mind Studio has since closed its doors, however, the basic thrust of the two-sided subject matter and the creative tension between them, has led to the Anxious-Buddha website.

About The Art

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In addition to the Eye-and-Mind Studio/Anxious-Buddha project, Charles is a registered sleep technologist working in the field of sleep diagnostics. With his partner, Mark T. Cuatt, a dietitian and exercise physiologist, Charles has recently co-founded Tri-Nourish, Inc and The Nourish Portal— a wellness initiative that integrates sleep quality with nutrition and fitness expertise, and provides educational modules that introduce the active and fundamental role of sleep for health, performance and creativity. 

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